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Are you an account holder in Zenith Bank? Due to the introduction of electronic banking, most account holders have been relieving the stress of going to the bank to queue just to withdraw or transfer money to their friends or family members.

Zenith Bank has also joined the system with other banks of making it conducive for its customers to easily make the transaction from the convenience of their home. Zenith Bank is the largest tier-1 bank in Nigeria. Founded in May 1990, Zenith bank got listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange on October 21, 2004.

Having successfully recapitalized its capital base some years ago, Zenith Bank has consistently posted competitive returns on investment for its management and shareholders, year after year. With a national spread of several hundred branches, as well as possessing a competent and industrious workforce, Zenith Bank promises to continue to deliver to her national and international customers, proactive and strategic banking services, utilizing cutting-edge technology.

The bid to achieve this stated goal informed the launch of its mobile banking application. A statement from Zenith Bank’s website promises that customers can now conduct their banking on the go, by engaging in transactions such as cash transfers, mobile banking, payment of bills, check cancellation as well as other financial activities, from any location and at any time.

Download Zenith Bank Mobile App
With the Zenith Bank mobile app, bank customers can perform any or all of the under listed functions, with a handy smartphone or device:

1. View all active accounts from the smart device; whether the accounts are current, savings, domiciliary, fixed deposit, or joint holding.

2. Confirm the validity of NUBAN account numbers, especially when making cash transfer.
3. Execute transactions that are protected from online fraud via the mechanism of a two-tier authentication process: password and mobile pin.

4. Settlement of bills directly from a bank account(s) like buying airtime.

5. Transfer of funds; both interbank and intrabank.

6. Payment of subscriptions like DSTv.

7. Cancellation of credit and debit cards, in cases of loss or theft.

8. Using the application in locating the nearest branch of the bank.


The Zenith Bank mobile application called easy money is open to users under two categories: Internet user and Non-internet user.

1. For Internet Usage:

Under this category, the internet user will require a hardware token, an internet banking pin, and a One-time password received from the token. Stepwise, internet usage of the Zenith bank app involves the following-

A. Launch the installed application on the smart device.

B.  Input NUBAN account number.

C. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the service. Then a request can be sent.

D. The user will be required to create a password which will be numeric and be 6 digits in length. This password will be inputted for the first and subsequent log-ins to the app.

E. The next action is the creation of a mobile pin, 4 digits long, and also numeric. This will be required as an alternate means of sealing transactions from the app.

F. The password and pins created will then be asked for, for authentication purposes.

After you have successfully scaled these stages, you will then be directed to the login page of the Zenith Bank mobile app, where you will then be required to input your NUBAN Account number and the password created earlier.

2.  For Non-Internet Usage 

A. You will be required to launch the installed Zenith Bank mobile application.

B. Input your NUBAN account number and select the “I Agree” option

C. A onetime password is sent to the phone number registered to the account.

D. Create a 6 digit numeric password

E. The creation of a mobile pin should follow, which is a numeric 4 digit password that serves as the only means by which transactions can be completed.

F. After entering the one time password for authentication purposes, a message bearing successful will be seen.

At this point, you will be directed to the login page, where you will input your NUBAN account number and the password created. Subsequent launches of the application will take the user straight to the Login page. It is important to note that registration for the Zenith Bank mobile application is carried out only once.

The user of the non-internet platform can upgrade to the internet version, by visiting any Zenith Bank branch to request for internet banking. Subsequently, the customer can follow the steps for internet banking mentioned earlier in the article.

The Zenith Mobile application for mobile banking has been structured to guard against the incidence of online fraud and other criminal activities, by the usage of different levels of authorization and authentication, to ensure that all banking transactions and customer information remain confidential.

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