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Are you a customer to the United Bank of Africa (UBA)? Have you heard of their mobile banking app and how to use it for your banking transactions? United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the leading banking institutions from the African Continent.

It operates from 19 countries in Africa and has offices in the main financial centers of London, New York, and Paris. It boasts of eight million customers that patronize its services, from any of its 700 offices worldwide.

The UBA New York office is duly registered with the Office of the Controller of Currency and is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank, with assets totaling over 1.3 Billion USD. The UBA Group is credited with many firsts which include:

• Being the first Nigerian Bank to be registered under the law in 1961.
• Being the first bank to offer an IPO to the investing public on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1970.
• Being the first bank to offer to customers  a Cheque Guarantee Scheme or service
• The first bank to accumulate over 1 trillion Naira in terms of its balance record
• The first bank to establish money deposit ATMs in Nigeria.
• The first bank to establish a foundation to cater to its Social Corporate Responsibility-the UBA Foundation.

In line with keeping with its promise of always offering cutting edge service to its customers, UBA introduced a mobile banking application – the UBA Mobile Banking – to give its customers greater flexibility and ease in transacting financial deals.

With the UBA Banking application, the customer is empowered to carry out the following services, without having to visit any physical bank branch:

1. Access all accounts using a smart device; the accounts can be current, savings, domiciliary, fixed deposit, or joint holding.
2. Ascertain the validity of NUBAN account numbers, about cash transfer.
3. Carry out transactions that are protected from fraudulent hacks via the process of secure user authentication login process
4.  Payment of bills directly from the holder account(s).
5. Movement of funds; for both inter-bank and intra-bank.
6. Payment of utility bills like DSTv.
7.  Ordering the revocation of credit and debit cards, in instances of theft or loss.


The UBA mobile application is available to users who have smart devices for internet use and users who intend to employ the application offline.

1. For  Smart devices and Internet Usage:

The internet user will receive a hardware token, an internet banking pin, and a one-time password generated by the token. Internet usage involves the following actions:

A. Launch the installed application on the internet-enabled device mostly a smartphone.
B.  Type in your NUBAN account number.
C. Read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions of the application service.
D. The user will be required to generate a password, numeric in make-up, and 6 digits long. This password will be required by the mobile application when the user logs in for the first time and also for subsequent log-ins.
E. The user will be prompted to create a mobile pin; 4 digits long and all numerals. This step is to enable the user consummate transactions from the app, as an alternative.
F. The generated password and pins will be required for input, to authenticate the process of registration.

The completion of these steps will usher the user to the login page of the UBA mobile banking application. Once on that page, the user will input his/her NUBAN Account number and the password selected at the start of registration.

2.  For Non-Internet usage 

A. The user will visit the UBA mobile bank application.
B. The user will be required to select the non-internet usage option.
C.  The user will be required to input his/her NUBAN account number and click the “I Agree” option
D. A onetime password is generated and sent to the phone number registered to the account.
E. The next step is the generation of a 6 digit password; all numerals.
F. The user subsequently creates a mobile pin, which is a numeric 4 digit password that is the only means by which transactions are consummated.

Subsequently, the user will be directed to the UBA bank mobile app login page, where the user will input his/her NUBAN account number and the password generated. If the user of the non-internet platform decides to upgrade to the internet version, he/she can obtain a request form from any of the hundreds of UBA branches nationwide.

The UBA mobile app is so useful for swift transactions if you want to enjoy a banking experience.