Stanbic IBTC Mobile Internet Banking – App, Login Page, Activation Code, Application Form

The internet era, which accompanied the coming of the GSM (mobile telecommunications) has experienced a revolution never thought of. Initially, all the telecom companies that came to Nigeria only offered voice services.

The penetration of internet services then was at its lowest ebb. Then, cyber café’s were the main feature as people had to pay to use computers connected to the internet through V SAT technology. Today, the story has drastically changed.

Cyber cafés have all run out of business due to the penetration of the internet, thanks to the mobile telecoms companies that made this possible. But how does this relate to the topic under discussion? You may ask, much in every way.

The internet revolution has taken over every sphere of our lives. Today, the way services are being offered by corporate bodies has witnessed tremendous improvement.

Stanbic IBTC internet banking is one of such innovative ways the internet has been put into use to simplify and effectively manage the way people make financial transactions. Wherever you may find yourself in the world, as long as there is an internet connection, you can conveniently carry out your financial transactions that may range from checking your account balance, purchase of recharge cards directly from your account, transferring money to other banks, and paying utility bills from the comfort of your location.

How it Works

To benefit from Stanbic IBTC’s internet banking, first, you have to be a customer (meaning you have to open an account with the bank) of the bank. This qualifies you to effectively manage your finances on the go.

The need to be present at a Stanbic Bank banking hall for financial transactions such as transfers, checking of balance, and reload of phone airtime is eliminated.

What Next?

Opening an account with Stanbic IBTC is not enough in itself. Account opening is just a first step, as you will be required to apply or register for the bank’s internet services. During the registration process, a form is given to you to fill in with your banking details.

All the necessary details relating to your Stanbic IBTC account should be used in filling the form. Also, the form will require you to provide your password.

After having satisfied all these conditions, an internet banking platform is opened for you to start enjoying your internet banking services. The details of this account are sent to you. It is however advised that the password should be changed to ensure that only you know your banking details.

Internet Banking for Mobile Devices

The Stanbic IBTC internet banking services can be accessed through different means. You can either use your mobile phone or your PC. Using the PC requires you to visit the bank’s website and log in to its internet banking section. The same can be done through your smart device, but Stanbic IBTC has provided an easier option for this.

Instead of always having to visit the bank’s website to log into the internet banking platform, an app has been developed by the bank to simplify the process for smartphone users. By visiting Google’s app store, you will find the Stanbic IBTC mobile internet banking app.

Simply download the app and follow the installation instructions. After installation, carry out the necessary settings and you are good to go. This simplifies the internet banking process and makes it even more convenient and enjoyable.

What You Can Do With Internet Banking

There are a lot of possibilities accompanied by using the Stanbic IBTC internet banking platform. Take for instance you desperately need to send money for some project or need, and that day falls on a weekend when the banks are closed. Internet banking can turn out to be your saving grace, as you only need the recipient’s bank details to make the necessary transfer.

If you expect some money, but you simply don’t get SMS alerts. You can easily check your account balance at no cost whatsoever.

Utmost Privacy

Vital details relating to your internet banking ID’s and details of your email must be kept private for security reasons. There has lately been increased activity of scammers who target vulnerable individuals. Some individuals have lost their accounts to hackers through carelessly opening personal banking details in the presence of strangers.

Avoid the Use of Public Computers

To safeguard your Stanbic IBTC internet banking details, you mustn’t use computers belonging to other people. However careful you may be, it is more than likely that your internet banking ID and password will be retained by the browser.

Mozilla Firefox is notorious for this. This feature can be disabled on the browser though. Whatever the case, it is best that you avoid using other people’s PC and phones to access your internet banking account.

This article has provided important information regarding Stanbic IBTC’s internet banking services. it is advised that you should take advantage of this banking option as it brings convenience and ease to how to perform your financial transactions.