Download Skye Bank Mobile App Apk for Phone Internet Banking 

Skye bank official mobile app called ‘SkyeMobile’ is an app that allows Skyebank customers to be able to easily perform their transactions with their smartphones.

Users of SkyeMobile have the whole bank in their hands and can perform any transactions with it.

Instead of going to the bank for the transaction, you have it on your fingertip. However, before you can begin to enjoy the features of this app, there are some conditions you must meet. They are:

  • Users must have a Skye bank account
  • Your phone number must be registered to your Skye bank account

Benefits of SkyeMobile

The SkyeMobile app has a lot of amazing features and different ways Skyebank customers can benefit from them. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Reduces Stress

SkyeMobile app reduces stress by a great margin. How much time do you spend at the bank just because you want to do a small or big transaction? Not to even talk about transport. SkyeMobile has help reduces those stress. You can use it to perform various tasks without dropping a sweat.

  1. Saves Time and Energy

Of course, the SkyeMobile app also saves a great deal of time and energy. Intending to do a transfer but have somewhere important to go? Pick up your smartphone, use the SkyeMobile app. It’s that easy. It also saves the energy of walking to your nearest bank branch.

  1. Accuracy

Anything you do with a computer must be accurate. SkyeMobile has a feature of performing at least 99.99% accurately. Any error made may be from your side or bad input of data. This is better than having humans perform your tasks and having errors of different sorts. The SkyeMobile app has been designed to perform according to the input of its user.

  1. Keep Track/Records of Actions

You can also use it to keep track of and records all past actions you have carried out on your account. Whenever you find any suspicious activity, you can easily refer to your records folder and check your past actions for proof.

Recently, the app has been updated and the following features below have been added for better user experience:

  • Improved User Experience.
  • Performance Improvement.
  • Customizable Background and Profile Picture.
  • Live Chat with Yes Centre.
  • Automatic Account Verification.
  • Meter Number Verification for PHCN Payments.
  • Improved DSTV & GOTV Verification and Bundle Selection.
  • Masterpass QR Payment.
  • Delete Push Messages.
  • SkyeOutlet
  • SkyeMedia

What can You do with SkyeMobile?

With the SkyeMobile app, you can perform various banking tasks. Not only that, but you can also perform some extra petty tasks. Below is a list of things you can perform on SkyeMobile:

  1. Airtime Recharge

With this app, recharging your airtime is a breeze. You can buy airtime directly from your bank account to your phone using the SkyeMobile app. It is fast and reliable. All networks can be bought: Airtel, Glo, MTN, 9mobile, and many others.

  1. Balance Enquiry

You can check the balance in your account easily with SkyeMobile. Instead of going all the way to the nearest ATM, you can just check your balance from the comfort of your home. The app will show the full balance of your credit and savings account plus you can also check your account statement for free.

  1. Skye-to-Skye Bank Transfer

It also enables Skye bank users to transfer funds to fellow Skye bank users easily. No matter where you are, once you log in to your SkyeMobile app, you can make this transaction. The best part is that they don’t have a closing time to make transfers. If you can’t beat the bank’s closing time, simply pick up your phone and use the SkyeMobile app.

  1. Inter-bank Transfers

Just like in banks, you can also make interbank transfers with this app. You can transfer from Skye bank account to any other bank in Nigeria. Whether GTbankZenithFirstbank, Diamond bank, any bank of your choice.

  1. Pin Change

In case you feel your ATM pin is no longer secure, you can change it from your SkyeMobile app. It allows you to create a new pin directly from your smartphone with little or no external aid. You don’t need to go to the ATM to create a new pin. If you feel like someone else knows it, please do change it ASAP.

  1. Pay your Bills

Did you know you can also pay electric bills with this app? It allows you to pay from your Skye bank account without stress and it is 100% reliable. You can also pay for your TV subscription and enjoy the latest news and sports.

  1. Masterpass

This is a digital wallet that allows you to make shopping on other online stores. This card has all your shipping address and account information so accuracy and reliability are rest-assured. You can shop in any store that accepts Masterpass as a method of payment.

How do I Download the Skye Bank Mobile App?

Downloading is very easy and free. Just visit the Google Play Store or App Store (for iOS) and search for “SkyeMobile”. It will be shown to you. Click install and begin downloading. After it has been installed, you may now sign up with your bank details and get ready to use it.