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An Overview of FCMB Mobile Banking App: Mobile banking is the set of techniques that make it possible to carry out banking operations from a mobile phone, a mobile, a tablet, or a smartphone. It is a technical connection, remotely and wirelessly, of a financial institution with its customers.

This solution was designed to facilitate communication exchanges and financial transactions between the bank and its users. It allows them to consult their bank accounts online and to carry out usual operations such as transfers, account verification, or receiving payments.

Thanks to FCMB mobile banking app, now individuals can also manage their finances remotely. They can contact their banker or their insurer by SMS or e-mail.

FCMB and The Development of Mobile Banking in Nigeria

Mobile banking also called m-banking, wireless banking, or remote banking, mobile banking is a natural mutation of the local bank or the network bank. Like other modern banks in Nigeria, FCMB (First City Monument Bank) has also joined other banks all over the world by making available the mobile banking system available to their hitherto and prospective customers.

It manifests itself in the transition from the physical banking agency to a more technical, fast, easy, and handy formula. Making its debut in the African continent, particularly in Nigeria, booming and as it is developing very rapidly. Thanks to its mobile banking adoption.

Indeed, the financial remote solutions offered by her mobile banking perfectly correspond to the needs of the Nigerian populations. Unbanked, they use their mobile phones to carry out their current financial operations.

It has introduced services aimed at meeting the needs of its customers with 100% satisfaction. Through the initiative, the services enable customers to gain access to funds, it also encourages the cashless policy that is taking drastic implementation currently in Nigeria and globally.

Benefits of FCMB Mobile Banking Services

The core of services ensures customers can now enjoy banking services without physically being present at the banking halls or venues. This can be done at the comfort of the customer’s home, office or anywhere there is an availability of the network for accessing the internet or sending and receiving calls and text messages.

Consequently, customers are responding affirmatively with the ease FCMB Mobile banking is offering. They can access banking activities through their phone or system without experiencing the long queue witnessed in Nigerian banks these days.

The FCMB Mobile

Going to the banking halls or venues and visiting the ATM cash points is not a big task. But it can be a big thing to do depending on your schedule, location, time of the day, and generally, convenience.

However, even without any of these reasons, if one could cut down on the stress of visiting the venue that is still a plus.

FCMB Mobile and internet banking have made this banking “stress” less stressful by providing services through your mobile devices. With this development, customers can now check their account balance, buy mobile airtime, make a transfer, and chat online with a customer representative on a live chat.

Apart from living chats, all other activities mentioned can be done within the customer of FCMB and other banks.

These activities can be performed using either of the internet and non-internet enabled phones.

Steps Required to Install and Apply for The FCMB Mobile

First, visit any of the FCMB bank branches nearer to you and request for the application form. Alternatively, you can download the FCMB mobile form online.

Fill in the application form either on the application form received from the bank or downloaded online. Then, submit the form to the Customer Service Officer’s desk of any FCMB Branch.

After that, visit the customer service officer desk for the FCMB Mobile installation file (Android) or you can do it online by simply downloading the FCMB Mobile installation file. (iOs)

Additionally, you can also send “D FCMB” to any of these codes:

4045 for MTN or 310030 for Glo.

Go to the phone or your device’s icon interface, locate the installed file, and click on it to fully install.

Check your email for the registration details which must include: virtual card, expiration date, and pin – and register the details of your application on your device. After this, you will receive a text notification confirming that your profile has been synchronized successfully.

After the successful registration, you have to change the initial pin to enable you to perform a successful transaction. FCMB Mobile banking is not limited to internet-enabled devices only. Non-internet enabled phones can also perform certain functions within your comfort zone.

You Can Transfer Money with FCMB Mobile Money Transfer Code

You have to register your phone number for mobile money transfer to enable you to use the FCMB USSD Transfer Code on your phone. This may not be necessary if you registered your phone number while creating an account with FCMB Bank.

This is because the number has been activated automatically for FCMB Mobile Money Transfer. Once this is done, you are set to start transferring money.

This is the transfer code: *389*214# to transfer money from your FCMB account to other banks in Nigeria.

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