Ecobank Mobile Banking App Install – Registration and Activation

If you are a customer with Ecobank, you can now happily transact any banking activity with their Ecobank mobile banking app without any issue. Ecobank internet mobile App is a new application launched by Ecobank to help facilitate banking transactions for their customers to build better customer relationships.

It should be noted that it is addressed to anyone wishing to open a bank account with all associated corollaries, and this, in the easiest way possible. This app aims at providing convenient banking solutions.

Thus, Ecobank delivers a strong signal with this new application that allows optimizing the forms of interactions between customers and the bank by relying on technological progress. An initiative to provide more effective customer service management at a time when it is becoming increasingly important for banks to be able to use different Internet channels advantageously.

Easy to use, but above all fast, convenient, reliable, flexible, and secure. Now, Ecobank customers can count on Ecobank internet mobile App to access a variety of services including send and receive money, pay bills, buy credit, do classic transactions, or pay online.

How Does Ecobank Internet Mobile App Work?

It is available for download on Android and IOS and works for free on your smartphone. Once installed, the Ecobank Mobile App gives you the opportunity to:

  • Send instant money to anyone with an electronic purse or bank account.
  • Make your purchases without getting out of money, thanks to the MasterpassTM QR.
  • Pay bills, such as water and electricity, school fees, and so on.

QR Masterpass, the PLUS of the Ecobank Mobile App

Through the QR Masterpass service, Ecobank allows customers to make online or in-store purchases with their phone from their bank account. It is also an economical and contactless method of payment for the many informal sector traders and SMEs.

Useful for users and professionals because it is easier to use than TPEs.

In technical terms, the choice QR CODE in the contactless payment makes the Mastercard QR solution more advantageous compared to other solutions “without contact” on the market.

If in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the exchange of information is only possible between 2 compatible devices (a compatible phone). NFC and a TPE in this case) located within 3 to 4 centimeters of distance; QR Code technology â € “2D bar code or Flash code â €” it does not require TPE. AT

The Ecobank Mobile App is a mobile banking solution that offers customers the ability to make remote transactions that meet customer needs saving time and pragmatism.

Digitization is important in Ecobank’s strategy since it is a different element for service quality and more generally for financial inclusion.

Managing your account as well as performing other financial transportations has been made into an easy way through the provision of the app by Ecobank. The good news is that it is available wherever you go and accessible at any time with your mobile phone and other mobile devices.

An added advantage is that the app allows access to the new Ecobank Xpress account. Users are expected to own their access from any of the 33 countries of the world were Ecobank is operating.

The use is simple:

  • Download the app from the store and install it on your device.
  • Enter the mobile number you are currently using to access the ECOBANK Mobile Banking Platform or the mobile number you wish to use to register with Ecobank Mobile Banking.
  • The Mobile Banking platform will then send a 6-digit activation code of the given mobile phone number.
  • Enter the 6-digit activation code in the App (a valid activation code will direct you to the login page).
  • Enter the current PIN that you use to access your Mobile Banking profile (This will load your profile on the Landing Mobile App page).

With this, you can start enjoying mobile banking services.

Who Can Use the Ecobank Mobile Banking App?

With this application, Ecobank gives customers around the world the opportunity to easily manage their money wherever they are.

Whoever you are or whatever your bank, everyone can access the digital instant services:

  • If you use CASH, you can make the most of your money to SEND, PAY, and BUY, or CHOOSE XPRESS by opening an account in an instant on your mobile phone.
  • If you have an ACCOUNT, you can SEND, PAY, BUY or CHOOSE XPRESS, but also carry out your banking on your accounts
  • If you have a CARD – VISA or MasterCard regardless of the bank – you can also benefit from the immediate services.

Activating the Ecobank Mobile Banking App is Easy

This is what you are required to do to authenticate and start using the Ecobank Mobile App which is easy and takes only a single step:

After the installation of the Ecobank Mobile App, simply dial *326# on your mobile phone and change your PIN (make sure that it is the mobile phone linked to your bank account). Then log into the app and start using the Mobile app.

Android device users can easily get this app from Google Play Store for free.